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Self Loading Shipping Container Storage & Shipping Services in Australia

  • Moving  Interstate or Overseas?
  • Do you want to save on moving costs?
  • Do you want flexibility in packing and unpacking your furniture, and not be forced into cramming it all into a couple of hours?

Of course you do, and we have just the solution for you – Self-Loading Container Shipping.


  • We will deliver a shipping container to your addresses Australia wide.
  • You fill the shipping container with your furniture and then give us a call when you want it to be collected.
  • We deliver the shipping container to your new address anywhere in Australia on the date you specify.
  • You unload the shipping container at your leisure and then give us a call to remove it, unless you have purchased the container.
  • Alternatively if it is being shipped overseas then delivery to the nearest port with shipping schedules will apply.

Why is self-loading a better option than using a traditional removals company or removalist? 
Self loading of your container saves money by not paying for labour costs with a removal company and you are more likely to take better care in the packing of your possessions than a removalist.

  • Shipping containers come with a number of points to tie down your goods.
  • Shipping containers are weatherproof and impervious to storm conditions.
  • Due to the distances travelled, a traditional removalist will load three or four households in a large shipping container to save on costs, this means you wait for your goods, and have to take delivery when it suits them, not you.
  • Shipping containers contain only what you put in them, you can put your own padlock on, they go direct from one location to another, simple easy, fast and it’s stress-free.
  • Should you require shipping container storage for several weeks or months it is simple for you to containers stored at our Australian depots without the need to unload and load again –  another cost and stress saving service.

I want to use the self-loading service, but can’t have a container outside my property. Is there an alternative? 
We are able to store the shipping container near to you, and you can then fill the container as and when it suits you. Once filled, just give us a call and we will transport the container interstate or overseas.

How long will it take to get the self-load shipping container to my new address? 
Generally, it takes under 7 days to get your shipping container from one Australian capital city to another. If it is international destinations, just allow reasonable travel time.

I will need a little time to get organized at the destination, can you accommodate this? 
We can store the self-load container for you until such time as you are ready to have the container delivered to your property so that you are not put under any stress to get moved in before your furniture and goods arrive.

I have more goods than will fit in a 20ft shipping container, do you do other shipping container sizes? 
For your convenience, we have both 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers for hire / for sale. When speaking to our friendly staff, ask them about what size shipping container would be best for your needs.

What do I need to do next? 
Simply phone or send us an email via our simple online form.