Shipping Container Sales Brisbane, QLD

Buy Cheap Shipping Containers for Sale Brisbane Queensland Australia

At Sea Containers Australia we have new shipping containers and used shipping containers of all types and sizes readily available in Brisbane and at many other depots across Queensland including Mackay, Townsville and as far up as Cairns.

Shipping Containers Australia is an online company with direct links to the factories that build shipping containers. We have a close relationship with shipping lines that import shipping containers into Brisbane Queensland. Sea Containers Australia are able to supply shipping containers at the most affordable prices on the container market Australia wide. We offer wholesale container prices for online buying of shipping containers in Brisbane Australia. With 20 years experience in the shipping industry, Shipping Containers Australia has contacts built during that time across Australia and worldwide. There is no type of shipping container that we can not supply. We have regular 40′ and 20′ container stocks in Brisbane QLD that we keep on hand. If you are chasing a special shipping container, we can source it and deliver. Sea Containers Australia also has a reliable delivery service where we can deliver containers anywhere in Queensland.

Below are some of our shipping container photos and shipping container prices on some of our regular container stocks kept on for sale in Brisbane:

Below pricing applies to Brisbane shipping containers for sale only. Pricing for containers out of other Queensland depots can be provided on application.

These prices are exclusive of GST and do not include container transport or shipping container delivery. Cheap shipping container delivery price in Brisbane can be provided on application as pricing does vary depending region of Queensland containers are delivered to.

Shipping container pricing in Brisbane QLD is subject to availability.

20′ General Purpose Shipping Container Used Cargo Worthy

Some of our used sea containers

20′ New Shipping Container

20 General Purpose New Builds General Purpose  High Cube
High Cube with tie rails 
High Cube used 

40′ Cargo Worthy Container

 40' cargo worthy and 1 new build General Purpose:
High Cube:

40′ New Shipping Container

screenshot374 40’ General Purpose : 
40’ High Cube new build: 

20′ Side Opening Shipping Container

screenshot376 Standard height: 
High Cube: 

20′ Dangerous Goods Shipping Container

Dangerous Goods Sea Container

20′ Side opening Dangerous goods shipping container

20' Open Side Dangerous Goods Sea Container

20ft Open Side Dangerous Goods Sea Container for Sale

20′ Dangerous goods shipping container doors either end


Dangerous Goods 10′ Shipping Container


Refrigerated/ Freezer Shipping containers

screenshot379 20′ from 
40′ from 

20′ Used Shipping Containers Brisbane


Used AS Is “ these containers are purchased as is which means they are purchased from the shipping line direct unseen by our people, they may be in very good condition or they may have some cosmetic damage and can not be guaranteed to be watertight although most of them are”

Buy Dome Shelters for sale in Queensland

See Dome Shelter page for price list on cyclone rated Dome Shelters delivered

photo (24)

Many More types and sizes of shipping containers available in Brisbane Queensland “Prices on application”