Lease to Buy Shipping Containers


Advantages of leasing to buy Australian shipping containers:

  • 100% tax deduction if shipping containers are business or work-related
  • Lease to buy containers for a period between 1-5 years (your choice)
  • Lease to buy new shipping containers or used shipping containers

Why buy used shipping containers due to affordability at the time when you can lease new shipping containers. Also finance any modifications for your new or used sea container purchase ie:

  • Turning your new shipping container into a site office, crib room, workshop or anything else you have in mind.
  • Just installing container P/A doors and/or windows
  • Decking shipping containers out with shelving
  • Installing Lights, power points etc in shipping containers

The shipping container options are endless. Can upgrade shipping containers at the end of lease term ie: Trade in your old shipping container for a new one and finance the difference.

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